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by: { Future Teachers of America} Candace Roberson, Jennifer Taylor and Anna Scheider

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors

William H. Cosby Jr. was born on July 12th, 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and for over thirty years, he has been one of the world's most respected and well-known entertainers and comedians. After tenth grade, Cosby joined the Navy and completed high school through a correspondence course. He later took up an athletics scholarship at Temple University, supporting himself during his studies by tending bar, where his easy-going style and witty joking with the clientèle prompted suggestions that he try stand-up comedy. He studied for many years during his career in the 1960s and 1970s, and he received a doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts. Sadly, his son Ennis was murdered in 1997. Throughout the years, Bill Cosby has taken a socially conscious tone, often associated with family values, coupled with a distinctly urban spin on his style. He will go down in entertainment history as one of the most successful and most respected entertainers in the world.

Multimedia Links Official Bill Cosby home page Web page about his book 'Friends of a Feather' with media reading of the story Web page to purchase his books

Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors
Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors

Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors

Cosby Wit
Cosbyology: Essays and Observations from the Doctor of Comedy
by Bill Cosby

Cosby spent the last five minutes of his speech voicing his displeasure of the content of rap, in addition he expressed his views on teenage pregnancy, re-emphasized the importance of a good education and urged fathers to take a more active role in raising their kids.

Bill Cosby And Phylicia Rashad Continue To Give Viewers Family Values On `Cosby' Show - Brief Article
Jet, April 3, 2000

Cosby Videos
Video that shares a little about Cosby's views:

Favorite Books
The Best Way To Play
Oprah Book Club® Selection, December 1997: Well-loved comedian Bill Cosby encourages kids to get creative in this simple story of how your own imagination can take you farther into outer space--and help you chase more aliens--than any TV show or video game ever could. In The Best Way to Play--one of Cosby's three Little Bill books for emerging readers--Little Bill tells his story from a friendly, first-person point of view, starting Saturday morning, when "All of the grown-ups were busy doing grown-up things."
He and the neighborhood kids are watching TV when they see an ad for a Space Explorers video game that instantly infuses desperate longing into their alien-catching little hearts. When Little Bill's friend Andrew gets a copy, everyone is thrilled. However, after quickly catching 100 aliens and getting perfect scores, the kids are bored with the game. They head for their trusty vacant lot where they chase an alien that looks like a cat and proceed to fly all the way to the moon! (Or at least they pretend to.) When Little Bill confesses to his mom that it was more fun to play outside than with the game, she says, "I'm glad. Now go to sleep. Space Explorers need their rest." While the engaging, upbeat story itself escapes heavy-handedness, the message is clear, clear, clear. Varnette P. Honeywood's flat, boldly colorful illustrations are full of life and expression, and early readers will welcome the spacious format, with large type and only a few short sentences on every page. (Ages 5 to 8)

Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors

PreS-Gr 2--Two more beginning readers that emphasize character building and finding positive resolutions for difficult situations. In Shipwreck Saturday, Little Bill takes a sailboat that he has painstakingly built to a nearby lake to see if it will float. However, the vessel is wrecked by the strong wake made by a passing rowboat. He runs home in tears only to be called back by his friends who have used the remaining pieces to make a kite that they are flying high in the sky. In Super-Fine Valentine, Little Bill wants to give a girl a Valentine but is concerned that his classmates will make fun of him. He overcomes his self-consciousness and ultimately makes a new friend. Honeywood's bright, folk-art illustrations visualize Little Bill's emotions and reinforce the point of each story. These titles can help youngsters pick up some hints on handling themselves in different situations. Slight but serviceable additions where values clarification is needed

Bill Cosby - Multicultural Artists and Authors

Little Bill has an interesting plan in "Money Troubles," another Little Bill Book for Beginning Readers by Bill Cosby. His teacher has explained about the Oort Cloud that exists beyond the orbit of Pluto and how one day a comet will emerge from the cloud and travel through space toward the sun. Little Bill has decided that he is going to discover that comet and have it named Comet Little Bill after himself so he can become famous. The only problem is that Little Bill needs a telescope to be able to discover a new comet and it costs $100. Knowing his parents will never give him that much money, Little Bill is coming to have to get the money himself.

5.0 out of 5 stars The idea of Cosby's Little Bill books is to affirm the value of friendships and family relationships while encouraging children to solve problems fairly and creatively. But as this particular story shows, the famous comedian is also interested in modeling positive behavior for young children as well.

Books are:
Encouraging to children
Promote family values
Promote creativity
Show positive role models for children

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